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Kodiak Island Sustainable Seaweed

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A fisherman turns to farming

Nick Mangini sees opportunity in the seas. A commercial fisherman for 15 years, Nick is banking on kelp as a new source of food, fertilizer, and fuel. Our civilization is going to have to do things differently in the 21st century, and Nick is ready to take the lead.

When we farm kelp, everybody wins. And so does the planet.


Good for the Earth

Our kelp is a wild product harvested from the shallow ocean waters of the Gulf of Alaska. Seaweed absorbs carbon dioxide and helps reverse the effects of ocean acidification.


Creates jobs

Kelp farming is a sustainable new resource that will help drive business to working waterfronts throughout Alaska. It puts local fishermen to work with a new kind of product.



While most American farmers worry about declining access to water, Alaskan kelp farmers don’t sweat it. Our seashore provide great moisture, nutrients, and sunshine.


Ahead of the trends

Seaweed is not just for sushi anymore. It’s finding its way into soups, jams, beer, beauty products—and maybe your next smoothie. The global industry is expected to triple to $18 billion by 2021.

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